Monday, 28 May 2012

Harry hilang rasa takut bermain Playground bersama rakan² lain

27/05/2012- sunday bawa harry jogging dan bermain playground....selalu nya dia malu² dan takut bermain bersama budak² seangkatan dia, sometimes sampai sangup tunggu bebudak lain habis main baru dia start enjin....tapi yesterday selepas 10 minit warm up bermain sendiri tetiba ramai budak2 serbu main playground, harry mcm biasala...terus back off!!! mummy biar 5 minit bgtu tgok dan tunggu dia and than tetiba perasaan takut hilang serta merta, on the spot naik slide siap men tolak² lagi dgn kawan......hahahahha....funnny...rasa mcm nak nangis juga, sebab selama ni dia memang x mau main playground langsung kalau ramai budak²....this time mummy biar dia main dlm half n hour gtu dia seronok sampai lupa yg mummy dia tunggu jauh²...(sblm ni memang x bg mummy tunggu jauh²).
SyukurAlhamdulillah.....harap² berterusan la sifat mcm tuh....

Sunday, 27 May 2012

kesangupan my husband belikan new shoes (NIKE) utk me berzumba² dan Jogging
hehehhee <3 thanks i like it very much<3 buat mummy lbh semangat lagi utk aktif dlm sport....

Selamat Hari Kaamatan kepada semua Sabahan

Projek Kraf Tangan Harry di sekolah......hehehehe...cute rite :) Kotobion Tadau Kaamatan buat semua Sabahan especially yg berbangsa Kadazan Dusun......

ZUMBA with my new Sport Outfit

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Zumba By Chacha Garza at DATARAN BANDARAYA KK. 19 Mei 2012 <----click this and can watch our group dance².....tapi mcm teda muka i sana...nway not big deal just proud to be one of them :-)))

aim ready for zumba

sweat sweat....after zumba..verrrry tired....

still weak- masa ni kena flu dan fever but tetap semangat..

Zumba By Chacha Garza at DATARAN BANDARAYA KK. 19 Mei 2012
my 1st time zumba in was cool....hehehe..but hubby ada pulak masa tu so malu yg teramat sangat sampai step pun balik² salah....nway i sengaja wear baju ala² jogging ni hehe but really make me mau Pengsan..!!! sebab peluh sekat d baju huhuhu....

but i dah shopping sport outfit boleh pakai jogging boleh pakai dance...yehahaa ni kali la...dan satu lagi i dah pun order baju zumba tapi mau kena tunggu la 3/4 weeks sebab mahu murah kena sabar lah..dan berita baik baju tersebut fully sponsor by Hubby zico kehhaaaaa....     

Monday, 14 May 2012

Mothers Day Card...teacher & harry buatkan utk mummy....

been busy with my zumba² sampaikan date mothers day pun boleh lupa..tuptup anak dah bagi mummy this beautiful card...thanks sayang...!! and after zumba² me treat anak n hubby makan Mcd jew...kesian....nway Happy Mothers Day to Love Mummys out there <3 mothers day bukan di raikan masa² tertentu ja taw...jadikan mothers n fathers day everyday....!! c'ya....

zumba again with catherine n zen chacha....@ kompleks Likas

our theme White & Red

If you’re still in the dark about Zumba, then you must read below:
  • Zumba literally means “moving quickly and having fun”.
  • Zumba is a fitness party! Going to Zumba class with my friends and colleagues is like going to the best party around! It’s the type of exercise you’ll want to do every day and before you know it you’ll be hooked.
  • Zumba is easy! The easy-to-follow moves mean you can join in immediately. Both men and women, but also children enjoy Zumba Fitness classes.
  • Zumba is aerobics to swinging Latin American music. All the different Latin American dance styles, Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Cuba, Calypso, Reggaeton and Hiphop, encourage you to move your body.  And although you’re doing a serious workout that’s not the way it feels.
  • Zumba is different! Classic fitness and group lessons often contain a series of repetitive movements. This repetition -  albeit at different frequencies – soon leads to boredom. The dynamic Zumba Fitness programme is very varied, and the alternation between quicker and slower songs gives you time to recover.
  • Zumba is effective! After just a couple of Zumba classes you’ll already feel that Zumba has had an effect on your stamina. Because whichever way you look at it: it is and remains a workout. One of Zumba’s great strengths is that your whole body is exercised: your legs are constantly moving thanks to the basic steps. Your arms join in once you know the exercises which means the rest of your body follows.
  • Zumba means building stamina and losing weight! Burning fat and building muscle is the way to losing weight and toning the body for a lot of people.
  • The big advantage of Zumba is that your muscles won’t ache after exercising because you can follow your own tempo.
  • Let yourself go with Zumba = PARTY TIME !!!   (taken from here)
for my 1st time I quickly signed up for classes Zumba with Michelle Koh at Suria Sabah, not that I need to lose weight (I’m thin enough already) but just to tone up my body and get my weekly workout. Seems like 1 hour of burning 500 calories is not enough.. you’re having THAT much fun dancing and sweating! aim addicted already..yehaaa...!!!!and my fav song is if u wanna dance, dance again by jlo, danza kuduro and i am the best by 2ne1 :))